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Promptr Business Development System for Law Firms

Easier. Simpler. Effortless.

Law Firm CRM,
but effortless

Promptr is a new CRM for the legal sector. It’s a fully managed CRM service, just for law firms.

Promptr CRM has been solely designed around the idea “ask lawyers to do as little as possible”.

It’s an all-in-one bundle of software, processes, support and data updating. Think of us as an outsourced CRM team, who bring the CRM software with them. Promptr is a fully managed service to help your firm:
Promptr CRM System for Lawyers

Have you ever imagined effortless BD and CRM for your law firm?

Law Firm CRM, but simplified

Traditional law firm CRM software can be like… running a car.

These old legal CRM databases are useless without the skills to use it and a lot of effort to maintain and run it. All the effort is on your shoulders, after you buy it.

Promptr is like… jumping in a taxi. And working on the way.

Law Firm CRM, but simplified

When we’ve helped law firms with their CRM, we’ve had to simplify every CRM system or clean up the data – whether 10, 100 or 1,000 lawyer firms. And, speaking to Partners, Practice Managers, Lawyers or BD teams in law firms, we always hear the same issues:

Promptr won't suit your law firm, if... 

We’re fully aware that each firm of solicitors are different. Our fully managed service won’t suit everyone. If you answered yes to any of the above points, we’re probably not the CRM provider for you.

But we can point you in the right direction (we’ve been on your side of the fence for about 25 years).

For a list of other legal CRM software, and their features, click here.

Inbox box alerts and prompts to help your BD fly

When we say you won’t have a big complicated database to learn how to use, we’re serious – you don’t use one.

You use it via Outlook, wait for inbox alerts and prompts, and go to interactive dashboards.

To give you an idea of the inbox alerts you’ll receive, a quick summary:

  1. Weekly summary – shows each lawyer what’s been happening with their contacts
  2. Pre-Meeting briefings – shows lawyers an overview on the person they are due to meet/call
  3. Reminders – shows lawyers an overview of the contact when they asked for it
  4. New contacts added – shows lawyers the new contacts we added/excluded on their behalf
  5. Key Client & Referrer gaps – shows your board key contacts who haven’t had enough contact
  6. Key Client activity summary – shows your board an overview of activity and correspondence
  7. New opportunities – shows lawyers contacts displaying a strong interest in their specialisms
  8. Weekly BD tips – shows lawyers how to make use of the details and activity in Promptr
Click here for an overview of features and prices

Why a new CRM for Law Firms needs to exist

Our founder, Simon has nearly 30 years CRM experience in professional services, at firms like PwC, Pinsent Masons and Gowling WLG. He’s won two CRM awards and written a CRM & GDPR book. Wherever he has been, he’s had to simplify every CRM system or clean up the data. Hence why Promptr now exists.

Because he’s been on your side of the fence for so long – he designed an easier to use and simplified CRM for law firms – mainly because he couldn’t find a really easy CRM for lawyers. All seemed to require a PhD in IT, or for lawyers to be BD rainmakers.

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